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Eco Regenerate

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Current option available is 100 grams.

500 gram and 1 Kg options are coming soon.

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Eco Regenerate
For use in soil

Eco Regenerate is multi-functional.

  • It contains a broad range of microbes and fungi which will be beneficial for the soil, the root system of the plant,
  • Aids in the uptake of nutrients in the soil including fertiliser and provides for plant health.
  • It also contains biological species that will create an environment for the nutrients in the soil to be either stored for future use or taken up by the plants in the quantities required for optimum growth.

Increases productivity of plants and in some cases controls a variety of pathogens and diseases.
Plants have a healthy-looking gloss.
The produce will be of more uniform size and have a longer shelf life.

How it works
Soils are made up of parent material (clay rock, peat and the like, or a mixture of these). They also contain air and water. The part which needs consideration is the 5% carbon and/or humus, which are smaller but equally important part of the soil structure. In this 5% lives most of the soil life. This is their home and from here they migrate out into the rest of the soil to provide a variety of functions. These go mostly unnoticed until it doesn’t happen. Some of these aspects might be compacted soils, little or no response to applications of solid fertiliser, a variety of pests and diseases. At this stage many people reach for a chemical “fix”, not realising the underlying problem.

Mix 10 grams for every 1 litre of water.
Stir well until completely mixed.
Let mixture sit for 1 hour prior to use.
Eco Regenerate should be mixed with warm water for at least one hour before application, stir occasionally during this time. This allows the microbes to activate before application.
It is important to ensure that filtered water is used and the containers used to mix and apply product are free from residue of previous applications.

Approximately 3 monthly after initial application.

Frequently asked Questions
Why do I need to let the product sit for 1 hour prior to application?
Eco Regenerate is a concentrate mix of microbes that while packaged are dormant. These are activated once mixed with warm water. It is important to let these brew for a minimum of 1 hour (maximum of 12 hours) so your soil gets maximum benefits from all the microbes present.

Is there a time of year when this product is best applied to soil?
For best results apply every 3 months. When applying in Summer ensure application is completed in coolest part of the day – early morning, evening or on an overcast day. This product is not affected by cooler temperatures, so continue to apply in Winter.

Can I apply this product as it is?
Yes, but you would be applying the product inactivated, to gain benefits from the product there would need to be some moisture present in the soil to activate the microbes and gain benefits from this product.

How important is it to use filtered water?
Especially important – at times there may be a chlorine present in tap water that would negatively affect this microbial product. We recommend using water that has been through a filter.

I am a supplier / store owner, can we stock this product?
We may have product available to stock in stores. Please get in touch at to discuss potential for stocking product.

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100 Gram, 500 Gram, 1 Kg


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