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Our History

We started some 25 years ago as a minority group of ‘eco-warriors’ searching for natural remedies to undo generations of environmental damage. With +20 years of testing and development, we’ve since grown into a dynamic business with a suite of organic based natural fertiliser solutions designed for soil regeneration around the world.

Led by the visionary John Barnes, our first set of members got together to research better ways to protect, recycle and drive environmental awareness at local community level.

2010 – 2017
Years of trials steadily refined our knowledge base and products. Production got underway and escalated exponentially as our New Zealand customer base grew.

Extending our global reach with expansion to include third party organizations. Partner countries include Ireland, Singapore and greater Asia.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Keeping our country pollution free

Associated Partnerships

Get to know about our business partners.

Hill Laboratories

An independent New Zealand based Analytical Testing Laboratory, applying technology to provide excellent analytical services to customers from around the world.

Fertiliser New Zealand

Dedicated to providing quality fertiliser, improving soil and animal health in rural New Zealand. Our objective is to deliver top quality innovative products that will stimulate the Rapid Organic Cycle in our soil releasing plant available nutrients.

Tow and Fert

The Tow and Fert is not just a machine – it is a management tool for your largest capital expenditure on a farm – fertiliser and nutrient inputs!

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