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Make Our World A Better Place

Working with nature to provide a sustainable future

There are two basic requirements essential for life and they are food and water.

Food must be produced sustainably and each generation should leave an improved environment for their children to inherit.

Within NZ Global Ecosystems the expertise and technology exists for this to become a reality. We merge seamlessly the ultra-modern whilst retaining the core values of good practise that have stood the test of time.

John Barnes

Part of our outreach is to assist globally with affordable and sustainable growing;

Urban.. Gardening to feed a nation. A step by step plan to plant and maintain a urban garden. Then how to harvest and cook for the family.

Rural.. growing crops viably and in a sustainable way.

John Barnes has a personal interest in helping a number of rural villages and subsistence farmers globally. Feel free to follow or contact John through this website.

Helping others help themselves

Organic based liquid fertiliser

Our range of organic fish fertiliser and seaweed fertiliser provides a balanced range of clean and safe nutrients.

Protect your environment

Our intricate manufacturing process is designed to simulate natures own soil processes without environmental issues common with some conventional fertilisers.

Improved profitability

A balanced liquid fertiliser reduces losses from leaching, promotes denser more nutritious fruit, vegetables or pasture. Healthier livestock, plants, increased production.

Lucerne (Alfalfa) - Nelson
Go Green & Save our Planet

By embracing a more sustainable, natural approach to soil management you can help protect our environment. We only get one planet so lets work together to take care of it!

Keep in Touch

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Planet Earth
Daily Global Tropical Deforestation (acres)
Daily Extinction of plant, animal and insect species
Daily People who go Undernourished
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